The Polymer Arts - Summer 2016

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 Summer 2016 - Movement
--Moving Construction: A Peek Into the World of Georg Dinkel by Anke Humpert
--Creating Movement with Dynamic Color by Lisa Pavelka
--Movement, Rhythm, and Flow by Loretta Lam
--The Marvelous Mechanics of Mobiles by Sage Bray
--Kinetic Adornment by Sage Bray
--Flowing and Fluttering: Faux Bakelite by Randee M. Ketzel
--Polymer Jeweler’s Workbench: Dangles! by Julie Cleveland
--The Polymer Art Movement: Looking Back with Ornament Magazine by Tory Hughes
--Art as Your Business: The Big Picture by Shannon Tabor
--Creating PDF Tutorials by Sage Bray
--Book Review: Gloria Uhler’s Hinged Clay Bracelets by Anke Humpert
--The New World of Custom Cutters by Julie L. Cleveland
--Artist Gallery--Staci Louise Smith
--Artist Gallery--Arieta Stavridou
--Artist Gallery--Bonnie Bishoff & J.M. Syron
--Resource Lists
--Muse’s Corner: Dotty and Me by Trina Williams

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