The Polymer Arts - 2013 Spring

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Spring 2013--Stories & Symbolism
Editor’s Worktable: The Richness & Power of Stories
-- The Power of Stories by Linda Garbe
-- Working with Personal Symbolism by Christine K Harris
-- Polymer Wall Art by Suzanne Ivester & Alice Stroppel
-- Back Stories--The Other Side of Polymer Collected by Jan Montarsi
-- The Possibilities of Layers by Susan O'Neill
-- Getting That Professional Look Interviews by Paula K Gilbert
-- Clip Form Jewelry by Sage Bray
-- Reviews
   - Book: Polymer Clay Bracelets by Bettina Welker
   - Book: Shapes by Helen Breil
   - Product: The Simple Slicer
-- Polymer in the Pines: Craft Art Schools by Barbara McGuire
-- Pricing Your Art Work by Christy Nichols
-- Color Spotlight: Susan Dyer; Interview by Maggie Maggio
-- Mentor Artist Gallery (with stories!)--Aniko Kolesnikova
-- Mentor Artist Gallery--Laura Tabakman
-- Accomplished Artist Gallery--Susan Waddington
-- Emerging Artist Gallery--Nevenka Sabo
-- Resource Lists
-- Muse’s Corner: The Play of Imagination by Maureen Carlson

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