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Mike Breil - Pixie Art Stamps


Our mission is to help you achieve your creative goals with quality rubber texture stamps which can be used with Polymer Clay, Metal Clay, Paper and Fabrics.

Samples created by Helen Breil


I am just starting to learn the art and craft of Polymer Clay after watching my wife Helen explore the medium for the last 10 years.  Last year I started helping her with the business end of things, and this year we have been working on a Polymer Clay book exploring unique shapes that she has created.

Working with her, and learning more and more about Polymer Clay, my interest was sparked to try and develop my own line of texture stamps.  Working on these inspired me to learn how to create new pieces with the stamps, and then to see if I could find my own voice in a field crowded with amazing talented people who have taken the medium into a broad range of directions.

While I still have a long way to go, I will occasionally be posting pictures of work that I feel is ready for public display.

Mike Breil

July 2012




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