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Seamless Nylon Cutters

Recommended by Helen Breil. Please visit here to read how to sand the edges for use with her tutorials.

Manufactured from a premium nonporous composite material and temperature resistant to 320 degrees.
They are virtually unbreakable.  Most come packaged in a clear acrylic container.

These sets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each cutter set contains an array of sizes in one shape. Most of these cutter sets come with a plastic storage case. Find traditional geometric shapes, plus flower petals, half moons, hearts and alphabet and math shapes.

You will find many fluted edge versions of the shapes sets too.

PLEASE NOTE: You are paying for the cutters, not the box they come in.  Every effort is made to get the containers sent in perfect shape but, they are not strong like the cutters themselves, so yours may come with a chip here or there which is how I often receive them from the mfg.  If you receive a box that has been broken more during shipping and won't hold the cutters, send me a picture and I will see what I can do about getting you a new box.


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