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Cosmic Shimmer

Start watching at 16:53 to see an example piece with Cosmic Shimmer used as a wax polish.

"I recently purchased a small collection of the Cosmic Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish to see what I could do with it on Polymer Clay. So far I have used it as a paint by mixing it with a tiny bit of water and I have used it with stencils. I can tell you these colors are brilliant and they definitely shimmer intensely. They dry very quickly, however, with a little water it is easy to remove it from unwanted places even after it dries. Once I put on two coats of this polish, I then used a buffing wheel to go over the piece. This is when you see the real metallic look and it buffs to a very shiny finish that looks like metal. The colors are so rich and deep, all of them that I purchased, and I am very pleased with the results. A very nice, convenient feature is an applicator is included on the cap of each jar. I did a lot of research before I ordered these polishes and found that PolyClayPlay had the best prices and a broader selection of colors than any of the 9 suppliers I checked. I am still discovering how I can create with these polishes and am thoroughly enjoying the process!! ... Rebecca J."

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