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Viva Decor Silicone Stamps

Viva Decor Silicone Stamps

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The transparent silicone stamp collection from the Viva Decor is beautiful and versatile.  The detail work is wonderful! Simply add a release agent to you silicone stamp and press into your clay piece for a beautiful background texture or add ink and stamp the surface of your clay or paper.

Don't forget to get a set of acrylic blocks. Silicone stamps will stick to them when you want to line up a design. When you are through stamping, it is easy to remove the stamp and the block is ready for the next stamp.


Acrylic Block - 1 large block


Acrylic Blocks - 3 blocks

Acrylic blocks make it easy to apply even pressure and line up stamps on your clay sheets. Brushes are great for applying color to your stamps or for applying color to your sheets of paper or clay.