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Cernit Sparkling Powders

Cernit Sparkling Powders

The Cernit Sparkling has been designed to complement your achievements with different brilliant, iridescent, pearly or colorful effects that change according to the range. These are different mineral powders of mica or glass powders. These covers the clay very well.

There are 4 ranges each available in 5 shades:

  •  Sparkling Metallic: These colored mica powders are metallic. Available in gold, silver, copper, bronze and red.

  • Sparkling Interference: These mica powders are used to have colored and pearlescent reflections. Their rendering is more obvious on dark clay but allows to obtain a light reflections on a clear Cernit shade. Available in gold, blue, red, green and purple.

  • Sparkling Diamond: These glass powders have an extremely brilliant and glittery look for a guaranteed diamond effect! Available in gold, silver, red, purple and blue.

  • Sparkling Duo: These mica powders change color depending on the viewing angle. Depending on the light, the tone will vary. The effect is sublime! Available in:

    • Lapis sunlight : Blue / Green reflection

    • Tropical sunrise : Green / Yellow – Purple pink

    • Arctic fire : Silver / Pink

    • Pacific lagoon : Purple blue / Turquoise blue

    • Viola fantasy : Purple / Green

The effect of these powders in remarkable on smooth clay but the effects are even more obvious if they are used on a textured clay, using the texture plates. For example, a light application on the pattern highlights the contrast with the background's colour.


How to use the Cernit Sparkling ?

  • The application can be made on fresh clay before cooking, with the finger or a brush. During the polymerization, the powder will adhere to the clay and will be fixed. There are no specific indications for cooking. It is therefore necessary to respect the normal instructions for Cernit.

  • After baking, the surface can be varnished with Cernit gloss varnish to make it even more shiny.

  • It is also possible to apply the powder on the cooked and cooled clay, with the finger or a brush. If this method is chosen, the powder must be varnished for fixing.

  • The powder can be directly mixed with the varnish for a brush application of the mixture.


Why should you buy the Cernit Sparkling mica powders ?

  • The beautiful colors will delight, among others, the creators of jewelery or mini-pastries.

  • It is very easy to use, just use a small brush or simply apply to the finger.

  • These effects will delight beginners as experienced polymerists!