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Pearl Pens

Check out the new irridecent colors added - they are called Pearl Pen Magic
and they live up to their name!

Pearl Pens come in a wide range of beautiful colors as you can see.  They are specially formulated for use with a wide variety of crafts.  They are wonderful for embellishing your clay creations as well as scrabooking albums and pages and greeting cards.

Simple to apply, easy to use, easy clean up!  Simply squeeze a drop on your item to create a brilliant pearl drop.  You choose the size drop you want to use or brush it on to give a pearly shine to your project.

  • Easy to control size of droplets

  • Mother of Pearl Range

  • Perfect to use on baked polymer clay or other items such as paper or plastic and even fabric

  • Water based acrylic

  • Machine washable up to 30 °C

Pearl Pens by Viva Decor This amazing product will dazzle with it’s pearly essence!

Decorate polymer clay, clothing, shoes, scrapbooks and more, whatever you like, with Pearl Pens.

You can create small or large pearl shapes by simply increasing or decreasing the pressure.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Viva Decor Products - All packages ship by USPS.  Many of these items are water based and, to preserve quality, have no preservatives.  If they freeze between here and your location, they may dry up.  We will take precautions to avoid this but we cannot control shipping so please consider this for your location and time of year when ordering these items.

If you think there is a possibility of freezing, please select Priority Mail so there is plenty of room for extra packing.  If you choose First Class Mail, we will not be responsible if your product freezes.



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