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TUTORIALS The Poly Clay Play Club is Back

Way back in 2006, I wanted to create and sell tutorials so everyone could have some fun and learn what I learned so I created the Poly Clay Play Club.  When my late husband got sick and after creating over 1000 projects over many years, I decided to stop the club and continue focusing on selling products that everyone could use to have fun with polymer clay!

I recently decided to dust off the tutorials and offer them again.  If you are new to polymer clay, these tutorials will be great for you.  If you are a seasoned clayer, you may still learn something new or at the least get great inspiration.

Please note, these were written awhile ago so you may need to use a different clay or product.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a note!!

Check back often because it will take awhile to get all the projects listed!

Have fun and Happy Poly Clay Playing!!