How to use Coupon Codes

So, you’ve been given a coupon code... now what?


Only one coupon code can be used per order so pick your best offer and enjoy the perk!  Coupon codes generally only work once per customer so use it wisely.  If you have any questions, please send a note BEFORE you check out.  If you wait until after you’ve placed the order, your coupon may not be honored.  As a courtesy, if it is honored after you have checked out, you may be given the coupon amount as store credit, if the code you provide applies. I was raised with “it never hurts to ask” but please keep in mind, the answer may be no.

Coupons may not apply to already discounted products such as items with Bulk Pricing.  Usually they do but sometimes they don't.

Coupons can bring your total below the free shipping requirement.  In order to get free shipping, you must purchase $125 or more after discounts.

The best time to add a coupon is BEFORE you get to the checkout page.  There are some forms of payment that don’t show the box to add the coupon code.

To add the code please follow these instructions:

  1. Add at least one item that the coupon code is good for to your cart, or even better, wait until closer to the end of your shopping to add the code.
  2. Click the shopping cart symbol at the top right of the page and choose VIEW CART.
  3. Scroll down until you see the box labeled Enter Coupon Code.  It is right above the order subtotal.
  4. Type the code in the box and then click Apply.  If you’ve entered it correctly and there are items in your cart that the coupon code applies to, you will see the discount applied right away.  It will show right below the Subtotal.
  5. You can continue shopping and if any other products you add qualify for the discount, the discount will increase.

If you delete all the items from your cart that the coupon code applied to and then add them later, you may need to add the coupon code again. Please check your total right before you get ready to check out to make sure the code is still showing.

Please read the coupon details carefully and follow all instructions.  We reserve the right to deny a coupon code if the rules are not followed.

Coupon codes are given as a courtesy.  Items found at Poly Clay Play are already priced low for you and there are several other ways to save at Poly Clay Play, in addition to coupon codes.  Please understand, if prices were much lower, Poly Clay Play couldn’t continue to operate.  Every effort is made to save you as much as possible and still make a profit.  The “Golden Rule” is sincerely my motto.

Where to get Coupon Codes

The best place to find coupon codes is in the free newsletter sent out generally 3 or 4 times a month.  Some months there are less, some months more. You can cancel at any time so don’t be afraid to give it a try. You can read the past newsletters by clicking News and Coupons.  Be sure to check them out because many of the coupon codes may still be active!

You earn Perk Points for every dollar you spend.  You can turn those points in for coupon codes good for discounts or products. Please don’t redeem your Poly Clay Play Perk Points for a coupon code until you are ready to use it because it usually has an expiration date.

Occasionally you will find a note on the home page, and it may include a coupon code.  Be sure to read the notes found there.  That is where I post important information about the occasional shipping delay or other hot topics.  There might also be a coupon code or information about more ways to save at Poly Clay Play.  You can also scroll through past newsletters by clicking on News and Coupons close to the top of the site.

Discount Offers

Occasionally, we offer discounts that don't require a coupon code.  Please note: If you have items in your cart that have bulk pricing, such as Inka Gold, the discount offer might not apply because it is already discounted.  This may also mean these items don't apply to the total needed for the discount offered.

If you have any questions about coupon codes, please send a note.