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I am so excited to bring the Just Rite line of stamps
to Poly Clay Play.

Polymer clay artists find rubber stamps fun to work with and with the ability to easily line up images and words with this brand, the fun is multiplied!!

Card makers love the memories they are creating with JustRite unique stamps and the constant flow of new ideas and fresh images. With this collection, creative possibilities are endless because borders, centers, alphabet, words and phrases are interchangeable. These fun rubber stamps range from big bold and colorable to simple and delicate. 

20% Discount

This is especially exciting for Poly Clay Play Club members who can take advantage of the 20% discount on all these stamps. If you find a JustRite stamp that isn't offered here, send me a note and I will see if I can get it for you.

jr-new-to-jr-button.jpgClick to open a PDF that explains how these great stamps work

There are two basic types; Original and Cling

Read the description on each product page to see which kind of stamp you will be getting when you order.


Click for Videos and Projects using the JustRite Products!

  There may be a limited supply of some of the JustRite Stamps offered here at Poly Clay Play.  If you order a set that is no longer available, I will offer an exchange or a refund.

What do you recommend I buy first?

I suggest the perfect way to start a collection is with the Cardmaking Kit.
Perfect for All Levels! Also ideal for creating custom monograms, card making and scrapbooking!

The 2” Round Stamper has a double grooved border on the stamper enabling use of 6 pt.or 15 pt. font in either groove to personalize your message or for monogramming. The second groove accepts borders of two different sizes. Use two decorative borders or combine it with font.

• 2" round stamper

• Large and medium alphabet set

• 15pt Times New Roman font set for word borders

• 10 borders - 1 5/8"

• 10 centers - 1 5/8"
Or, if you don't want a font set right away, I recommend the Birthday Cardmaking Kit
It includes:
• 9 Centers
• 6 Borders
• 2 Wood Stampers (2" Round & 2" Square)
That gets you set with a wood stamper for the various borders available.