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Candy Paper

Candy Papers

Poly Pick Up Sheets

These are the great candy papers (sometimes called Deli Wrap) Judy Belcher uses in the wonderful video "Millefiori Story with Judy Belcher" presented by PageSage.

1000 sheets per box.

They are thin, slick, clear plastic 8" X 10¾" sheets with no coating.  No coating means no wax to stick to your clay.

It is so simple to pull a sheet from the box, lay it on your clay and smooth away without distorting the design.

It is economical because the sheets are pre-cut, ready to use. When you are through, no muss, no fuss, toss it in the trash and go immediately back to claying.

You get 1000 sheets in a box that won't take up much room on your work surface. How-To DVD Rental

Visit today and try before you buy wonderful videos. They have a wide range of polymer clay videos in stock including Judy's "Millefiori Story", the one mentioned.

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