The Polymer Arts - 2013 Winter

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Winter 2013--Impact!
-- Editor’s Worktable: Influence & Impact
-- Visual Impact: Mastering Contrast by Nan Josephson
-- Ancient Impact: Influenced by the Past by Dayle Doroshow
-- Handmade Impact: Exploring Texture with Pointed Hand Tools by Anke Humpert
-- Brilliant Impact: This Magical Electroforming by Elena Alyoshina
-- Singular Impact: Creating Commission Art by Donna Greenberg
-- Instructive Impact: Maximizing Your Workshop Experience by Beth Wegener
-- Legal Impact: Running a Trouble-Free Business by Julie L. Cleveland
-- Why Do You Play with Clay? Discover What Drives You by Sage Bray
-- Take Control of Your Photos: Mastering Camera Settings by Deanna Duncan-Allen
-- Review: New Fimo Effects Clay
-- Polymer Jeweler’s Workbench Creative Polymer Clasps by Julie L. Cleveland with Carol Blackburn
-- Color Spotlight: Wendy Wallin Malinow; Interview by Maggie Maggio
-- Mentor Artist Gallery--Ana Belchí
-- Accomplished Artist Gallery--Eva Haskova
-- Emerging Artist Gallery--María Eva Ramos
-- Resource Lists
-- Muse’s Corner: A Cultural Journey by Adriana Ayala

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