The Polymer Arts - 2011 Winter

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Winter 2011--Education
-- Filling Up Your Well of Creativity by Christi Friesen
-- To Measure or Not to Measure by TPA staff
-- Elabradorite A Reflective, Layered Faux Semi-Precious Stone by Sage Bray
-- Wax Impression Technique: Embossing & Faux Leading by Sage Bray
-- Reviews
   - Makin’s® Clay: Is There Really Such a Thing as Air-Dry Polymer?
   - CaBezels: Playing with Cabochon & Bezel Molds
-- Keep Artwork from Being a Pain in the Neck by TPA staff
-- Sharing Our Polymer Passion by Barbara McGuire
-- Create a Wildly Successful Workshop by TPA staff
-- Sharing Your Passion for Fun and Profit by TPA staff
-- Artist Profile: Christine K. Harris; Artist, Teacher, & Therapist
-- 2011 IPCA Retreat by Susan O’Neill
-- Mentor’s Gallery--Alice Stroppel
-- Mentor’s Gallery--Iris Mishly
-- Emerging Artist Gallery--Christa McKibben
-- Emerging Artist Gallery--Laurel Steven
-- Inspiration Challenge Gallery
-- Resources List
-- Muse’s Corner: Our Passion to Educate by Ilysa & Kira of Polymer Clay Productions

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