The Polymer Arts - 2014 Winter

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 Winter 2014--Boundaries
--Working on Edge by Sage Bray
--Studio Boundariesby Linda Stiles Smith
--Tory Hughes Creating In & Out of Bounds by Irene Corman
--1,700 Pieces of Jewellery by Anke Humpert
--Bound by Design Polymer Strand Illustration by Joesph Barbaccia
--Painting in the Lines Essentials of Silk Screening by Tonja Lederman
--Boundless Hollow Forms by Joey Barnes
--Editor’s Worktable: Embracing & Breaking Boundaries
--Color Spotlight: Julie Eakes: Millefiore by Maggie Maggio
--Muse’s Corner: Clay Family by Barbara Lindsey Sosna
--Journey to the Perfect Finish by Lynn Rogers Vail
--Frame it! Jewelry Bezels & Frames by Julie Cleveland
--Boxed in by Modesty by Paula K. Gilbert
--Toys for the Toolbox A Tool Review by TPA Staff
--Artist Galler--Page McNall
--Artist Gallery--Noelia Contreras
--Artist Gallery--Debbie Crothers
--Resource Lists

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