Exotic Face Pin Polymer Clay Free Tutorial

By Penni Jo's "Best Flexible Molds"

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Years ago my mother had a pair of scatter pins that she called her "Mojo" pins. This project was inspired by these exotic lady face pins.

Three pages - 11 images

Materials needed:
•Best Flexible Molds:
    •PJ010 Flights of Fancy &
    •Mold PJ016 Let’s Face It.
•Polymer clay: Black, Flesh, White  •Condition the clay and mix the flesh color. • To make the Light Flesh color we used, 1 part white clay with 8 parts flesh clay. • Set aside after conditioning and mixing. Note: the clay used in this project baked at 275°F. Follow the instructions on your clay packaging for baking temperature.
•To Paint the facial features, you will need either
•Genesis Oil Paints OR
•Acrylic paints in the following colors:
Brown, black, white, red, yellow and green.
•Brushes in appropriate sizes for painting features •Very, tiny and thin brush for eye lashes, eye brows and lips. •Larger brush for cheeks and eyelids.
•Small brush for Mica powder application.
•Mica Powders in these colors: Silver, red, and green. (or your choice of colors.)
•Pearl Ex® Varnish or Varathane® to varnish the lips and other parts after baking.
•Jewelry Parts: 2 eye pins • 2 jump rings •1 pin back (Optional:: we used a pinback with a pendant loop )
•Beads etc.: •Glass pearls, two 3 mm pearls, one 5 mm pearl. (You could use 4 mm and 6 mm pearls if you like.) •Two 1/2 inch mother of pearl disks or other disks or wire loops for her ‘earrings’.
•Glue: Strong glue like E-6000® to glue the pearls and pin back
• Cyanoacrylate glue for eye pin insertion.
•Liquid Sculpey, Bake & Bond or Poly Paste to bond the cooked face to the uncooked headdress.
•Optional: Pasta machine for conditioning clay.
•Optional: If a release agent is needed, you will need to dust the openings lightly with baby powder (or corn starch) or lightly mist with water depending on which is best for your molding material.

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