Cernit Varnish Matte or Glossy

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The Cernit clay can be varnished with the varnish of the same brand, matte or glossy, which is especially made for the clay. This water-based varnish is totally clear after drying and once baked, it prevents any damage from hits or scratches. The varnish is waterproof.

Available in bottles of 30 or 250 ml. and Matte or Glossy, each sold separately


How to use the varnish for polymer clay Cernit ?

Blend the varnish before using. The water-based varnish has to be applyed on a polymer clay which is baked and degreased with alcohol or the Darwi brush cleaner. It is used very easily with a thin bristled brush.


As soon as the clay is covered with varnish, the drying time has to be one hour. Drying time should be carefully watched between different layers. Your result will be perfect if you apply 2 or 3 layers.

Once it is dry to the touch, bake it once again at 110°C in the domestic and preheated oven during 15 minutes. Leave it to cool down during 48 hours to get the best possible hardness.


When you are done working with the varnish, material and brushes can be cleaned with water.


Why should you buy Cernit varnish ?

  • The matt varnish keeps the mat finish of the Cernit number one while protecting the clay. Damages will be prevented and irregularities such as finger marks will disappear. For a bright result without having the tedious work of sanding and polishing, the glossy varnish is perfect.

  • Unlike some of the competitors, the Cernit varnish has flawless finish without any bubbles !

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