Cernit Nature Granite

By Cernit

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Cernit Nature: 3 colors with a stone and dirt effect thanks to strands in the clay that allows an irregular aspect, similar to the one of a stone. Available in pieces of 56 g. Cernit Nature polymer clays are made from dark filaments and glitter. This gives them an irregular appearance similar to earth or natural stones. To create a decor or just decorative pieces, their rough rendering without sanding is perfect.

Mix pieces made with Cernit Nature and other polished Number One or Translucent pieces! The brilliance will contrast with the pieces with stone effect. Mix Nature with Number One colors to vary hues. You can create an infinity of effects! Do not limit yourself to the 3 available colors!

Bake no less than 30 minutes at 110-130 ° C.

Be sure to read Ginger's review at The Blue Bottle Tree!  "Similar to the Sculpey’s Granitex line, the Cernit Nature colors have two kinds of particles. One is a hexagonal black flake, very similar to glitter (but not shiny). The other is a tiny, short pieces of fine fiber that reminds me of flocking. The Nature colors are designed to look like stone."

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