Cernit Glue

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Cernit Glue 80ml (2.82 fl. oz.)

Cernit Glue - Baking glue for raw and baked polymer clay

  • This is a strong glue for both raw and baked polymer clay
  • Sticks effortlessly, only a light pressure is needed to glue parts together
  • Must be baked to set (130C/265F max 30 minutes)
  • Ideal for gluing together any combination of raw or baked clay
  • Also useful to bond polymer clay to other materials, either porous or non-porous

How to use it:

Put a drop (or more) of glue on one of the surfaces to be bonded
Assemble the pieces to glue and bake them at 130° C (30 min)
Keep your bottle upside down to prevent the nozzle from clogging.

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