Cernit Pearl - Pink

By Cernit

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Cernit Pearl is a Belgian brand of polymer clay, part of the broader Cernit family. It joins other Cernit lines like opaque clay (Number One), half-opaque clay (Opaline), Translucent, Metallic, Neon, and Nature. Each line has its unique features, but today, we focus on the shimmering allure of Cernit Pearl.

These delightful clay blocks come in eight captivating colors, each weighing 56 grams

Cernit Pearl lives up to its name! It’s more than just pearly—it’s downright sparkly. Here’s what sets it apart:

Large mica flakes: These create a bright and intense shine that catches the eye.

When sanded or buffed, Cernit Pearl takes on a glossy finish, almost as if it were varnished. Imagine your creations adorned with jewelry-like sparkle!

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