How to Pickle a Dragon Class

By Kudzu's Whimzy

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"How to Pickle a Dragon"

In this sweet mixed media class you will learn some basic sculpting along with how to work with resin. When all is said and done you will have a mini-dragonarium to take along for your desk at work, on vacation with you, for a ride in the car or any number of places dragons should go.

Meet the Water Babies... For whatever reason, dragons seem to be in abundance this year, in the State of Iowa. We have also had a lot of rain and storms. During one of the few lulls in the weather, I took my trusty dog Sophie and went for a brief walk. "Looks like a storm on the horizon...sheesh!" As we walked, movement caught our eyes. Next thing I know, she has drug me into the bushes and is nose down in a pretty deep puddle. There, swimming about, looking very lost, were two little water babies. I leaned down for a better look, thinking they would scoot away, but low and behold, they swam right up to my hands and begged for attention. Poor little babies were lost and had nowhere to go. So, to my husbands dismay, I scooped them up and hurried home. We found an empty jar and filled it with some rocks and plants and water. They slid right in and made themselves at home. For now we are calling them Dill and BB (short for Bread and Butter). I have ads up trying to find their mom but so far, no reply. Gosh, I wonder how big they'll get. I'm probably going to need a bigger jar!!!

"How to Pickle a Dragon" Poly Clay Play Adventures -
A "Work at your own pace" class.


Note about selling your creations made as a result of the instructions provided:

It would be greatly appreciated if you make a reference to Sally Golubosky and Poly Clay Play if you were inspired by these instructions.

The following is how Sally feels about it…

Being the writer of the tutorial I will tell you and any others up front...Go for it!!! I wish you much success with any you make and may they line your pockets with gold...OK being optimistic but what the heck! If I was worried about others "copying" my work I wouldn't put it out there in step-by-step photos and instructions of how to make them.

Have fun with the tutorial and sell away!


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