Seasons Series Don't Fall for Dragon Tricks Class

By Kudzu's Whimzy

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"Don't Fall for Dragon Tricks"

Another in the "Dragons for the Seasons" series.

50 pages with photos and detailed instructions!

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Poly Clay Play - Don't Fall for Dragon Tricks Class by Sally Golubosky

"Don't Fall for Dragon Tricks" Poly Clay Play Adventures Class

This class is the second in a series of "Dragons for the Seasons". You will make three dragons all dressed for a fun trick and treat filled frolic in the pumpkin patch.

"Don't Fall for Dragon Tricks!"

It was a cool, dark, that's not it! It was a dreary, spooky, that's not it! OK, it was an evening just like any other. The sun was slowly starting to make that inevitable slide into it's sleeping place and the harvest time crickets had begun their evening serenade.

Sophie, my trusty Coon Hound and I left the house for an evening drag, I mean walk, heading in the direction of the local pumpkin patch. As usual, her nose pulled us in directions I didn't necessarily want to go in! Abruptly, she stopped and cocked her head to listen.

There, way down low, we spied a scene unlike any other! Three little dragons, all dressed in their Halloween best, stood on a tiny path amongst the smallest of pumpkins. The little king quite clearly was not in charge. He stood looking as regal as a 3" King could possibly muster but clearly the Fiery Little Devil was running the show. She was telling everyone which way to go and what to do. Poor little Bunny spilt her loot in all the commotion and was on the ground in a flash trying to re-coop her losses!

While listening to the bickering I learned their names...Ethyl the Devil, Myrtle the Bunny and Roy the Royal King. With a snort, a snicker and a smile Sophie and I headed home.


Note about selling your creations made as a result of the instructions provided:

It would be greatly appreciated if you make a reference to Sally Golubosky and Poly Clay Play if you were inspired by these instructions.

The following is how Sally feels about it…

Being the writer of the tutorial I will tell you and any others up front...Go for it!!! I wish you much success with any you make and may they line your pockets with gold...OK being optimistic but what the heck! If I was worried about others "copying" my work I wouldn't put it out there in step-by-step photos and instructions of how to make them.

Have fun with the tutorial and sell away!






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