PCP Lovely Hearts Seamless Texture Roller

By Poly Clay Play

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Whether you’re creating Valentine’s Day-themed pieces or simply want to add some heartwarming details to your clay projects, this texture roller is a fantastic choice! The Lovely Hearts polymer clay texture roller by Poly Clay Play is a delightful tool for creating intricate patterns on your polymer clay projects.

  • Design: The roller features a charming pattern of scattered hearts, perfect for adding a touch of love and sweetness to your creations.
  • Size: It measures approximately 80 mm (3.15 inches) in length.
  • Handle Option: The roller has a hole in the middle, allowing you to attach a handle for better control during use. Poly Clay Play also offers a separate handle that works well with most of their texture rollers.
  • Usage Instructions:
    1. Roll out a sheet of clay and place it on a flat baking surface such as a ceramic tile.
    2. Position the texture roller on the clay.
    3. Apply slight, even pressure as you roll the roller along the clay to create the heart pattern.
    4. To prevent the clay from sticking to the roller, I recommend Armor All or you can use cling wrap or lightly dust the clay sheet with cornstarch before rolling.
  • Maintenance: After use, wash the roller with soapy water and dry it. It will last indefinitely if properly cared for.
  • Availability: Please note that this item is considered a Special Order Item, which may cause a slight delay in shipping if it’s not in stock. Poly Clay Play aims to keep them available for you.

Don't forget to get a handle. You only need one for your Poly Clay Play rollers. It's easy to change from one roller to the next and it works with most texture rollers sold here.

Poly Clay Play Texture Roller Handle


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