PCP Texture Roller Handle

By Poly Clay Play

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PLEASE MAKE SURE this is the right size for your rollers. Easy to use! Simply insert each end into the hole of the roller and screw the handle ends together.

This handle will work with rollers 3.15" (80mm) or shorter.  The hole in the center of the roller needs to be .55" (13.7mm) or bigger. for the handle to fit.  It's easy to use.    Be careful.  The threaded end will break off if you bend the roller when it is screwed together outside of the roller.

If you aren't sure, send me a note before ordering and I'll let you know if the ones you want will work. I've also resized the rollers I carry so they are better suited for polymer clay work and the handle will fit most of them. Please check the description of the roller to see if the handle will fit. If you purchased a roller that is about 4" long and about 1" diameter and you feel it is too big, send me a note and if possible, I'll work with you to get you the size you need at a discounted price.

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