PCP Geo Leaves Seamless Texture Roller

By Poly Clay Play

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Texture rollers are so fun and easy to use to make a great impression! The roller is approximately 80 mm (3.15") and has a hole in the middle if you want to use a handle for a different form of control.

I'm excited to announce, I've created a handle that works great with most of the Poly Clay Play Texture Rollers. You don't have to use a handle but why not make life simpler and add a little more control to your roll.  Handle sold separately.

Poly Clay Play Texture Roller Handle

Roll a sheet of clay flat and lay it on a tile or other baking surface, making sure you don't have any air bubbles underneath. Lay the roller on the clay and press with slight, even pressure as you roll along the clay to create a great impression. To prevent clay from sticking to the texture roller, you can place a piece of cling wrap on top of the clay before using the roller.  This may change the design slightly.  Play around and see what you like. Alternatively, you can lightly dust your clay sheet with cornstarch before pressing the roller over the clay.

Texture rollers work great for making an impression in your favorite kind of clay!  Click and read this great article by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree to learn about release agents.  Wash with soapy water and dry after use and they will last indefinitely! Colors may vary. The roller is not dishwasher safe.

PLEASE NOTE: These are considered Special Order Items which means a slight delay in shipping IF they are not in stock.  I am trying to keep them in stock for you.  If you have Special Order Items included in your order, the whole order will be held until all items are in stock.  I will send a note to advise of status.  Normally, they will ship in 24 - 48 hours.

My Poly Clay Play line of has so many designs to choose from, I don't know which to make for you first so, help me out!  If you are looking for something unusual, send me a note and I'll try to get it for you!  Check back often.  New designs will be added often.

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