Micro Elements Watch Parts

By Lisa Pavelka

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Micro Elements - Watch Parts

Also available in the Economy Size which includes 10 times the amount you get from this size.


 Gear, gears and more gears! 

A mix of random watch components that include cogs,

dials, gears, and more great for creating steam punk designs.

Micro Elements - Watch Parts
0.5 ounces included

Mixed assortment of watch parts.


These watch parts are perfect for creating beautiful and unique steampunk art pieces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. Great for use with polymer clay and Magic-Glos™ UV resin.

Package contains .5 ounce of a mixed assortment of watch parts.

The number of pieces per package varies depending on the size of the components.


Watch a great video of Lisa Pavelka
showing you how to use her products you can find here at Poly Clay Play.


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