Bitty Clay Doodlers Micro Circle Cutters

By Poly Clay Play

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This fun set of mini doodlers are perfect for cutting, texturing and measuring clay.  There are no seams so you will have a perfect circle design or cut.  Each cutter has a handy vinyl grip.

You will receive 8 cutters ranging in size from 1/16" to 3/8"
You will also receive a Bitty Box to store this fun set of cutters!


Use the cutters to cut circles out or into clay.  You can easily remove the circles from your design using the included toothpick to push the clay out of the cutter (you'll need to use a piece of wire for clay stuck in the smallest three sizes).  Roll the clay onto glass or a tile to make it stick.  Then push the cutter down into the clay and remove the outer clay.  Use the cutters to create beads all the same sizes.

THE PERFECT BOX - Take a look at the tutorial Ginger Davis Allman at The Blue Bottle Tree wrote about THE PERFECT BOX.  For her project, Ginger used a box similar (same shape, same size) to our Pixie Box.  You could create the perfect box for your Bitty Clay Doodlers using this set of cutters, a Pixie Box and a little clay.

Click Product Videos and take a look at the video for instructions on bending these Bitty Clay Doodlers into different shapes.  Then, be sure to purchase several Bitty Clay Doodler sets here.

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