GUARD TEX Self Adhering Safety Tape

By General Bandages Inc.

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GUARD-TEX® Self-Adhering Safety Tape is the wrap-around tape that . . .

Guards hands, fingers, & wrists: Protects skin against rough, sharp, or hot surfaces. Prevents small cuts, abrasions, and minor burns. Eliminates sore and tender fingers.

Works where gloves won’t: Lets you maintain your sense of touch. Allows dexterity and freedom of movement. Perfect for working in practically every manufacturing operation and handling components of all sizes.

Guards against contamination: Prevents fingerprints and accidental etching on everything from glass and ceramic to varnished wood and polished metal surfaces.

Sticks only to itself - not to skin, hair, clothing or tools.  Always easy to apply and painless to remove.  Leaves no gummy residue!

Protect fingers and hands without sacrificing dexterity or flexibility.

This high quality cotton gauze has a micro-fine cohesive coating. 

The tape stays cool and dry to fit snugly, even in hot and wet conditions.

You will receive one 30 yard roll of 3/4" wide tape.

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