Fun way to use Etch 'n Pearls

By CreateAlong

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This is another fun video from Kira Slye at  Watch the video and then scroll down to see all the supplies we carry here at Poly Clay Play!

Click on any of the titles below to see the product named.  Then hit the back button to come back to this list.

  • Etch 'n Pearls Set
  • Baking Crafting Mat (the brown non-stick surface she is working on) - Kira later bakes the piece on a tile.
  • Wasabi and Fuchsia Premo Polymer Clay
  • Extreme Sheen Paint - Aquamarine was used but other clay and paint combinations would be fun to experiment with!
  • Do Anything Tool - found at Create Along or Kira also recommends rubber tipped tools which would work in this project:

PJ's Clay Tool Set - My Favorite because it's a great bunch of tools in a handy pouch!
Rubber Tip Sculpting Shaper Tool Set of 5
Silicone Tips and Ball Stylus Tools Set

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