Penni Jos Tools Set in a Pouch

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Penni Jo's Clay Tools in a Zipper Vinyl Pouch

Be sure to click on Show Videos below to see how PJ makes an eyelet barrette using these tools!

Please Note: The tools cannot be sold separately. 
When you get your set, you will see the quality is wonderful and at this time,
they are already discounted lower than the SMRP.

This kit grew from 20 years of the very talented Penni Jo making her own sculpting tools (from toothpicks, bamboo, wire) or any other material needed to finish her projects.  Through the years others have seen and used PJ's tools and wanted their own. About 2 years ago a factory which made a quality stainless steel product at a very good price was recommended.  We hope you love them as much as we do.



Peej Picks - Two in Kit.


Peej picks are based on one of the first tools Penni Jo created back in 1982.
A bamboo skewer was cut to a workable length short enough to be turned end to end in my hand while using first one end and then the other. One end was cut to a wedge, like a sharpened flat bladed screwdriver for creating scalloped edges, imprinting, etc. The other end was sanded to a long, smooth point. Both ends can be used for lifting and and shaping small clay pieces for flowers, leaves, bows, etc.
The Peej Picks come in two thicknesses and are made of Stainless Steel which is strong and long lasting.

 Peej Shapers - Two in Kit


These stainless steel shapers are pointed on one end and rounded on the other.
Their size and weight are excellent for shaping clay into a cupped shape or a trumpet shape or for rolling and smoothing clay.

Half circle cutters - Three in Kit


These wooden handled tools are excellent for cutting clay edges.


Fantasy Leaf made using Half Circle cutters to scallop the edges of the leaf. The flower and buds were created quickly using the scalloped edge tool. This project was made using a slice from an old leaf cane embellished and shaped with the small scalloped edge tool, the small Peej Pick and the small shaper.


The 'picot' edges of the light switch cover were created using a half circle cutter in two sizes and the larger Peej Pick.

Peej Scraper - One in Kit


This small, flexible scraper has a narrow end for working with small bits of clay. Excess clay can can be removed from an overfilled mold with no danger of being cut. I use this tool to lift work from my work surface.
It is great for removing streaks from clay from a sheet that went through your pasta machine and picked up some unwanted color.














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