Egyptian Scarab Badge or Glasses Holder Free Tutorial

By Penni Jo's "Best Flexible Molds"

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Four pages 30+ photos.

Fun project to make a holder for your badge or glasses that can be pinned to your shirt to keep your glasses close or your event or work badge easily seen.

Project is created using polymer clay, colored sharpie markers, and pull tabs from canned soup or fruit.

Materials Needed

• Flexible Art Mold PJ044 Egyptian Symbols I - Scarabs.
• Polymer clay: Premo Sculpey Accents Blue Glitter, Ivory and small pieces of Brown and Black. Be sure to use strong clay for this project.
• Water mister for polymer clay release.
• One Large key holder split ring. One small split ring.
• Beads: two 8 mm blue and one 6mm, textured metallic glass beads; two 4mm 24K gold plated metal beads; one 7mm drum bead. One crimp bead, one crimp cover and one 10/0 gold glass seed bead.
• Stringing wire: about 16 to 18 inches of Bead-a-Lon 7 strand beading wire .012 or heavier.
• Tools: jewelry tools like crimper tool, and small pliers.
• Mica Powder: PearlEx Aztec Gold, Spring Green. Optional: Metallic paint: Gold and Green or your choice of colors.
• Dust mask for use with mica powders.
• Brushes for varnish, mica powders and if needed, for paint.
• Straight, thin wire like 18 or 20 gauge wire or bead pin/wire for use in step9.
• Small oven safe bowl, corn starch OR baking powder.
• Varnish  recommended by the manufacturer of the clay.
• Optional: Pasta machine for conditioning clay. Egyptian rubber stamps.

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