Simple Flower & Leaf Free Tutorial

By Penni Jo's "Best Flexible Molds"

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This simple flower and leaf earrings tutorial will give good results as the clayer follows the step by step photos and text. Basic shapes are used to create the simple flower, the leaves and the vines.

Supply list:

•Polymer clay in desired color: about 1/8 block of White, very small amounts of Red & Yellow, Green, and Brown
•Craft Knife (Optional: A fine needle tool)
•Work surface on which you can cut
•Roller for clay: An acrylic rod works wonderfully or (These are usually available and are
found in the polymer clay aisle of most Hobby Lobby, JoAnns and Michael's stores.) smooth, sanded dowel, smooth glass tumbler or bottle, etc. can work well. •Smooth Skewer, round toothpick or Penni Jo's Clay tool Picks
•Tiny bit of a cosmetic sponge to apply the mica powder
•Mica Powder: Gold ( or other desired color )
•Optional: Pasta machine dedicated to clay use to condition and mix your colors
•Optional: Kemper® Tools Leaf Cutter ( or cut a leaf approximately ½ inch by ¾ inch)
•Findings: Two earring posts and nuts (or two clip on earrings with gluing area) ~ Two 6mm jump rings and two 6 by 10 mm jump rings. jump rings.
•Glue: Super glue or E6000 or 5 minute Epoxy Glue

This tutorial is free. You may teach it in a class or guild.

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