Christi Friesen Terrific Tools - Wow, It's Awesome Tool

By CF Christi Friesen

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CF 555

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Yay! It's another coool tool, and it really is awesome! Made from stainless steel, just like my other favorite tools, so it's great to use on polymer clay, metal clay or ceramic clay.

Includes one Wow, it's Awesome tool.

Use with polymer clay, metal clays, epoxy clays, resin and more.

My favorite tools were specially created for me by my buddies at The Complete Sculptor in NYC (they rock). Years of claying experience went into their creation and lots and lots of folks who have taken my classes love 'em! so I know you will too.
These are stainless steel and feel wonderful - balanced and smooth. They glide over the clay just right, too.
And if you happen to work in metal clays, wax or earthen clays - these tools work awesomely for those media as well!


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