Surface FX Sets by Christi Friesen

By CF Christi Friesen

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Surface FX are sets of micas, glitters and chalks to that can be used to add a touch of color, shimmer or dimension to your polymer clay creations. Each set includes 5 wonderfully intense delicious colors.

Fairy Tales is a combination: Neon Princess, The Gloaming (Violet), Reflections, Silver Pixie Dust and Happily Ever After. The colors are bright pink, luscious purple, fabulous reflections (white), some silver pixie dust and a little reddish orange glitter for the happily ever after!

Making Waves is a fun combination of oceany colors. The set includes: Tide Pool (blue-green), Kelp (bright green), Reflections (sparkley white), Caribbean (aqua blue) and Tortuga (light green).

Metallious is a yummy combination of metallic colors. The set includes: Glamour (white gold), Flash (gold), Strength (bronze), Shimmer (copper) and Depth (black)

Super Hero is a fun combination of bright, bold comic colors. The set includes: Crash! (rich blue), Kapow! (bold green), Zing! (bright yellow), Boff! (luscious red) and Zowie! (shiny blue).

I think mica powders, glitters and chalks are a wonderful way to add a touch of color or shimmer to your polymer clay creations. I have created these unique sets using extra fine powders and glitters, the colors are intense and delicious. ~ Christi Friesen

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