Cernit Doll Sun Tan

By Cernit

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You get 500g which is over 1lb of clay!  

Be sure to read Ginger's review at The Blue Bottle Tree! Cernit Doll comes in 8 varied flesh colors.

A palette of 7 semi-translucent colors with a porcelain finish and a translucent flesh color is of course the Cernit Doll.

The colors of the skin are perfectly imitated. Of course, like all the colors of Cernit, Doll colors are mixable to further expand your choice and thus create the exact shade you want.
Your dolls in Cernit Doll should not be sanded! This step is not necessary. The rough appearance of the clay is realistic. Finalize details to paint with acrylic paints, or create a "blush" effect on their cheeks using a very small amount of Cernit Sparkling mica powders...

Once the doll is created, you will certainly want to add details with Number One, etc. It is possible to add items as and when cooking! Cernit can be baked several times without risking damage.

The Cernit Doll is packed per pieces of 500g.

How to bake the Cernit Doll?

Like all classic Cernit types, the Doll must be baked at 110-130 ° C, 30 minutes.

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