Tim Holtz 36 Well Palette

By Tim Holtz

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RANGER-Tim Holtz Ink Palette. Great for use with re-inkers; alcohol inks; perfect pearls and more!

This Ink Palette features 36 wells and a clear hinged lid for convenient storage! Create your own custom palette. This package contains one white palette: 7- 1/2x7-1/4x1/4 inch.

Create an alcohol ink paint tray and use your Alcohol Blending Pen to paint onto surfaces.

Another thing you can do is to mix Pearl Ex with gum arabic, either powdered or liquid. If mixed
with the powder, you can then add a small amount of water to make the mix
useable on the clay. In fact, I made two plastic paint palettes with
different colors by mixing PearlEx with gum arabic and a small
amount of water. I mixed it directly in the wells of the palette and let it
dry. Now, to use it, I just dampen a paint brush and paint it on the
surface. For the best results, apply a sealer over it if you are applying it
to cured clay. For paper and other absorbent surfaces, no sealer is

Patty Barnes




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