The Polymer Arts - 2015 Spring

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Spring 2015 - Diversity
--Material Diversity
- Wendy Walllin Malinow: Anything, Everything, & Polymer
- Lisa Pavelka: Crystals & Polymer
- Celie Fago: Metals & Polymer
- Ann & Karen Mitchell: Fabrics & Polymer
- Chris Kapono: Found Objects & Polymer
--Color Diversity
- Powerful Pastel Color by Margit Böhmer
- Colored Pencil & Polymer by Penni Jo Couch
- Adding Alcohol Inks by Jan Montarsi
--Diversifying Technique: The String Impressions Experiment by Sage Bray
--The Art of Heather Campbell by Sherilyn Dunn
--Exploring Oblique Strategies by Wendy Moore
--Technique: Polymer Quilling by Beth Petricoin
--Polymer Jeweler’s Workbench: The Rules of Resin by Julie Cleveland
--Texture with Kroma Crackle
by Jeanette Kandray
Editor’s Worktable: The Downfall of Perfect Happiness
--Color Spotlight: Carol Simmons by Maggie Maggio
--Artist Gallery--Marie Segal
--Artist Gallery--Wendy Jorre De St Jorre
--Artist Gallery--Debbie Jackson
--Resource Lists
--Muse’s Corner: I Count Only the BrightTimes by Judy Summer

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