The Polymer Arts - 2015 Fall

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Fall 2015 - Elements
--Embellished! The Art of Accenting by Christi Friesen
--The Elements of Inspiration by Heba Barazi
--The Elements of Mood by Sage Bray
--Transfer Anything by Sage Bray
--A Small World: Adventures in Micromosaics by Karen Mitchell
--Strange Beauty: The Art of Celine Charuau by Laurie MacIsaac
--The Joyous Classroom by Ronna Sarvas Weltman
--The Elements of Ear Wire Design by Julie Cleveland
--The Right Adhesive for the Job by TPA Staff
--Properly Equipped: Indispensible Photo Accessories by TPA Staff
--Alternative Avenues of Artistic Income by Paula Gilbert and Julie Cleveland
--Exploring Pebeo by Kira Slye
--Editor’s Worktable: Feeding our Creative Selves
--Artist Gallery--Rebecca Thickbroom
--Artist Gallery--EvaMarie Törnström
--Artist Gallery--Sona Grigoryan
--Muse’s Corner: The Healing Power of Handmade by Sherilyn Dunn
--Resource Lists

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