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This exciting mold has three scorpions, the smallest being only 3/4” long. Also included in the mold is an assortment of stylized elements, one tiny turtle (terrapin), a flower, and a spiral design.
    In life, scorpions can be found on all continents, except Antarctica, and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.
    The parts can be molded in clay and painted, antiqued, or used as elements in a larger design. They're perfect for embellishing boxes, frames, and more.     


   Also included are brief notes on how to make a polymer clay bracelet project by wrapping metallic gold polymer clay around an empty soda can to form a base for the bracelet. Black clay is used to mold the large scorpion & the flowers which are applied to the metallic gold clay on the soda can. Brilliant colors of mica powders can be used to highlight the back, legs and pincers of the scorpion and make some beautiful blue flowers & create some green leaves.

Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.
Not For Food!
PJ056 Scorpion Mold Part Sizes Are:
Scorpion Lg.  3 15/16” X  3 1/16” (90 X 79 mm)
Scorpion Med.  1 13/16 X 1 5/16” (47 X 33 mm)
Scorpion Sm.  3/4” X  5/8” (20 X 16 mm)

Flower: 1/2” X 1/2” (12 X 12 mm)
Swirl Design: 11/16” X 9/16” (21 X 15 mm)
Tiny Turtle: 7/16” X 3/8” (12 X 10 mm)

The elegant Egyptian box by Chris C. was created using this mold and the PJ044 Egyptian Symbols - Scarab mold. She lifted the legs at the first joints and raised the pincers before baking. After baking she re-molded the pincers and attached them to the underside of the baked pincers creating very effective looking pincers being held up by the scorpion. Coloring is Lumiere paint and mica powders.
Chris C. writes:

More fun than I thought!!

When I saw the original scuplt for this mold I told PJ that it may well be the only mold she ever made that I could live without! She immediately challenged me to see if I could find a way to glam him! So, I began to consider just the design possibilities and it wasn't long before I had an inspiration for an Egyptian box. This mold is large enough to flex the legs so the scorpion looks like it is naturally walking along. You can easily make the large front claws and even the end of the tail 360° and lift them off the surface as well. Then all you need is some glitz and glitter and Voila! A critter worthy of royalty!

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    Scorpion mold

    Posted by SALLY LANNIER on Feb 19th 2021

    This mold was bigger than expected! I love the detail and the size! Life Size!! LOVE IT!! I used it for Resin and it worked perfectly! Fast shipping! I will be buying for you again!

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