Premo! Retro Ornament Tutorial Freebie

By Sculpey®

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Just in time for the holidays!

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 What you will need:


 *Starred Items available at Poly Clay Play

     *One 2 ounce block of each color you want for your ornament.

    *Clay Machine
    *Sculpey Acrylic Roller
    *Sculpey Super Slicer

Additional Supplies:
*Gold Glitter
*Several sizes of circle cutters (largest shown = 1-1/4”, smallest shown = 3/8”)
White craft glue
vinyl gloves (optional)
1 large round glass ornament (clear or colored)
Baking Nest – polyester fiberfill and 2-1/2” round metal cutter or cardboard cut and taped to make a circle.

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