Poppy Flower Silicone Veiner Textures front and back

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Poppy Leaf petal textures - front and back.  Two molds each approximately 2.5" x 3"

Great for use with the Poppy Petal Cutters, click here.

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    Poppy Flower Silicone Veiner

    Posted by Rebecca on Jul 23rd 2022

    I bought this silicone Poppy Flower front and back texture veiner because I watched a tutorial from Kaylana Design where Day made a beautiful Poppy Flower. I love Poppies and wanted to make my own. This silicone veiner is very easy to use and makes a detailed, delicate texture on both sides of the clay. It works great!! I have other leaf veiners made of this same silicone, that I also found on PolyClayPlay, and they all do a beautiful job with clay. If you like to make artful, realistic looking leaves and flower petals, these are a worthwhile addition to your texture tools collection.

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