Piñata Alcohol Inks Pearl

By Jacquard

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Alcohol Inks cannot be shipped outside the US. US customers, check the bulk pricing. You don't have to choose all the same color for bulk pricing to apply. Pigment inks do not have the same restrictions. Read more about shipping under Warranty Info
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These beautiful, color-saturated, acid-free, transparent Jacquard Pinata inks have an alcohol base which makes them indelible and moisture-resistant when dry. That means you can work freely on most any clean, oil-free surface, and makes them the ideal professional product. Highly versatile, Pinata can be used in a variety of applications, including polymer clay, rubber stamping, fine art, fiber art and scrapbooking.

Mix Pinata with Claro - it will stay shiny and not change color. It extends the drying and working time. Claro is also a transparentizer. Spritz or brush layers of color over color. When wet, each layer will push aside under layers creating amazing effects. Add Blanco Blanco to any of the colors and achieve a completely new glowing range of pastel variations and a touch of opacity

Try Jacquard's Pinata Alcohol Inks: Mix with Polymer Clay - Brayer onto vellum - Color glass drops and beads - Dye leaves - tint mica bits and color sea shells - Air-dry clays - Add color to grommets, eyelets and fasteners.

Try the NEW Metallic Colors! Piñata Rich Gold and Piñata Silver are liquid alcohol inks formulated with real metal.The metal particles are tiny, and they lie flat, which produces a highly reflective, smooth metal surface. They can be applied to almost anything: paper, plastic, wood, glass (for decorative purposes only), canvas, metal, foil, ceramic, rubber, vinyl...you name it! The new Piñata metallic colors are perfect for scrapbookers and paper artists whenever a true metallic is desired, as well as for oil painters, acrylic painters, window painters, sculptors and crafters of all kinds.

JACQUARD PRODUCTS-Pinata Color Alcohol Inks.

This package contains one 4 ounce of alcohol ink.
Comes in a variety of colors; each sold separately.
WARNING: Flammable and Eye Irritant. Acid free. Made in USA.

NOTE: Currently Alcohol Inks cannot be shipped outside the US.

Shipping: We can only ship this product within the United States to the 48 contiguous states and they must be shipped by ground. Alcohol Inks and Mixatives are classified as a Flammable Liquid (flashpoint is 56 degrees F) per the United States Postal Service Publication 343.21. Its classification is a Consumer Commodity Class 3.

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