PCP Depth Guide Sets

By Poly Clay Play

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PCP Depth Guides are perfect when you don't have a clay machine (pasta machine) or when you need your sheet of clay to be a specific thickness.

How to Use... read the detailed instructions and watch the video below.

Save money.  Pick Option A, you save $14.50 and get all 9 sets - 18 PCP Depth Guides.  Don't forget to add a roller!

There are 9 different size PCP Depth Guides available! Each set includes two of the same size guide, one for each side. Each guide is marked with the thickness size. Colors may vary.

  • Option A - All 9 sizes - 18 Depth Guides
  • Option B - Hollow Acrylic Roller
  • Option C - 2 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option D - 2.5 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option E - 3 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option F - 3.5 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option G - 4 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option H - 4.5 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option I - 5 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option J - 5.5 mm Depth Guide Set
  • Option K - 6 mm Depth Guide Set

How to use the PCP Depth Guides

  1. Condition your clay and roll it into a sheet about the size you want, slightly thicker. If using an 8" roller, make your sheet about 5-6" wide.
  2. Lay the clay sheet on your work surface.
  3. Choose the guides for the thickness you want your clay sheet to end up. Lay a guide on either side of your sheet of clay.
  4. Line up your roller so each end is above a guide.
  5. Roll the roller back and forth, flattening the clay, until the ends are resting on the guides. Your sheet is now the same thickness as the guide you chose.

Click to watch a quick video on YouTube: PCP Depth Guide Sets - Use them when you don't have or don't want to use a clay (pasta) machine. - YouTube

These work great with your favorite kind of clay! Since you won't be laying these on clay, you won't need a release agent but if you get clay on them, wash with soapy water and dry after use and they will last indefinitely!

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a new product line.  These are considered Special Order Items which means a slight delay in shipping IF they are not in stock.  If you have Special Order Items included in your order, the whole order may be held until all items are in stock.  I will send a note to advise of status.  Normally, they will ship in 24 - 48 hours.

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