Triangles Caboshapes III

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This original Caboshape mold is filled with ten different sizes of softly shaped triangles. The four largest triangles are scaled to produce a tapered 'bib' necklace center. The mold includes a free tutorial to make a bib necklace center with sculpted details. Also included is information to make the sculpted details on the triangles on either side of the center triangle mirror image.

The smaller triangles can be used for a number of applications, dangles, earrings and other decorative elements to your designs.
Mold is made of tough, long lasting urethane and can take temperatures up to 150°F.

Not rated food safe

There are 10 triangle caboshapes in this mold~ 

  • 2 9/16 by 1 3/16 inches (60 by 30 mm)
  • 2 1/4 by 3/4 inches (58 by 19 mm)
  • 2 by 7/16 inches (5o by 13 mm)
  • 1 3/4 by 3/8 inches (44 by 10 mm)
  • 1 by 7/16 inches (22 by 11 mm)
  • 11/16 by 7/8 inches (18 by 22 mm)
  • 3/4 by 3/8 inch (20 by 13 mm)
  • 3/8 by 7/16 inch (15 by 12 mm)
  • 1/2 by 3/8 inch (13 by 9 mm)
  • 7/16 by 1/4 inch (12 by 7 mm)

Necklace center project made using the instructions that come with the mold:

Step by step sculpting guidance with photos.

Bake following manufacturer's instructions. Finish as desired.

Materials Needed:

  •  Flexible Art Mold PJ049 Caboshapes III - Triangles
  • Polymer clay:.Black, Pearl, & a tiny bit of green
  • Water mister for polymer clay release.
  • 6 mm glass beads to match or contrast the designs on the triangles- 64 for necklace center. More beads will be needed to make a full necklace.
  • Four - 7 mm metal daisy spacers -- Two crimp beads - •Necklace wire or cord, about 45 inches.
  • For necklace: 8 more spacers, closure, & 32 to 36 beads.
  • Tools for clay and jewelry including a pointy tool like a Peej Pick, skewer or toothpick. Bead pin or other long, straight pin to make holes in the triangle beads.
  • Varnish recommended by the manufacturer of the clay.
  • Optional: Pasta machine for conditioning clay.

Angel Policy: With the purchase of these molds, tutorials or stamps, you have permission to make one-of-a-kind pieces in any quantity to sell at fairs, bazaars, Etsy, Artfire and craft shows; However, you may not hire employees to make items from the molds or tutorials or sell through commercial accounts without permission.

The designs and sculpted parts in the mold are by Penni Jo Couch.

©2013 Penni Jo

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