Memory Frame Kit Double Turning

By Makins

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Memory Frame Kit by Makin's Brand allows pet owners to create an impression of their pet's paw, and then elegantly display it for years to come. Your photo, print and memories can be displayed anywhere.
The frame allows you to hold your favorite 4x6 or 5x7 photo next to your pet's pawprint in an everlasting keepsake. There are 5 different backing paper colors included and a picture mat with your kit so you can choose how you want to personalize the wall frame for your favorite pet.
The easiest impression ever!
It's never been easier to make an impression of a pet's pawprint. There is no mixing or baking required. The air dry Makin Clay kit is non-toxic and simple to use.
It's very easy to use... simply knead the material like dough, flatten it with the rolling pin and then take the impression. If you make a mistake, you can even start over by just kneading it back to a flat surface again.
Pawprints Make Great Gifts
Kit Includes:
Wooden frame with plastic facing (35cm x 4.5cm x 25cm)
Picture mat
Backing paper in 5 colors
Non-toxic, air dry Makin Clay
Makin clay roller
Double Sided adhesive tape


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