Makins Texture Sheets Set D

By Makins

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Each plastic clay texture set contains four 6-1/4x4-1/2in textures.
Create the perfectly and realistically textured clay.  A quick and easy way to add texture or pattern to your modeling medium projects!
You can use them to texture Fondant and Gum-paste too!

You can add different textures to your projects by pressing the sheets over the clay or running the sheet and clay through a clay machine (Pasta Machine).

  • Set D (Scale, Snowflake, Wood-grain & Stars)

Check out all the other design sets available.  Each Set Sold Separately.

  • Set A (Sand, Wave, Brick & Cobblestone)
  • Set B (Screen, Stripe, Check & Dot)
  • Set C (Honeycomb, Eyelet, Weave & Lace)
  • Set E (Curly Beard, Sweater, Diamond & Fur)
  • Set F (Hex Bolts, Eye Lag Screws, Gears and Sprockets)
  • Set G (Diamond Tread A and B and Tractor Tread A and B)
  • Set H (Abstract A and B, Connectors and Coils)

NEW! - Large Floral Sheets - This package contains four 10-1/2x7-3/4 inch plastic texture sheets in four floral designs.


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