Makin's Cutter Tins

By Makins

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Each set sold separately.  Choose from these sets:

  • Geo - Cutters Set of 22 cutters
  • Mini Geo - Cutters Set of 12 cutters
  • Flower/Leaf - Cutters Set of 15 cutters
  • Bugs - Cutters Set of 11 cutters
  • Children - Cutters Set of 7 cutters
  • Animals - Cutters Set of 12 cutters
  • Numbers - Cutters Set of 9 cutters
  • Alphabet - Cutters Set of 26 cutters

Shaped cutters are great for clay projects.  Cut the various shapes and use your imagination to combine them for a whole new look. Join the Poly Clay Play Club to learn ways to think outside the box (or the tin in this case).  A Large Flower from the Flower/Leaves set can become a sun.  Stars gathered together become a snowflake.

Use your imagination and put your cutters to good use!




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