Fimo Made By You Kit - Photo Clip Holder Kit

By Fimo by Staedtler

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FIMO® Made by You oven-hardening modelling clay.
Content: 4 half blocks 25g (2 x emerald, pastel mint, raspberry), 3 photo clip holders, instructions.
• Creative kits including accessories and easy step-by step instructions.
• Especially for beginners and hobby artists.
• Extremely easy to create lovely unique items.
• Soft and smooth modelling clay.
• Infinitely versatile: for jewellery, accessories and home decor items.

What is FIMO actually?
Oven-hardening FIMO modelling clay is made of:
• Plastic powder (PVC)
• Plasticizer
• Additive

• FIMO can be hardened in the oven at 110° C. The maximum temperature should not exceed 130° C. (Exception: FIMO Leather-Effect must be hardened for 30 minutes at 130° C / 266° F!).

• Already hardened FIMO elements can be placed in the oven again when applying techniques that require multiple hardening processes.

• All oven-hardening FIMO types are mixable with one another. (Where a piece includes FIMO Leather-Effect, the blend should be hardened for 30 minutes at 130° C / 266° F. Combining FIMO Leather-Effect with other FIMO clays (FIMO Soft, Effect or Professional) will decrease the leather look in proportion to the quantity of other clays).

• The hardened modelling clay can be varnished with special FIMO lacquers and painted with suitable pens or with suitable plasticiser-resistant acrylic and oil paints. FIMO can be sanded and polished.

• Holes for FIMO jewellery and beads can either be made with a needle before hardening or drilled with a hand drill after hardening. Broken FIMO parts can be easily attached again using super glue.

• If you would like to produce arched FIMO elements, oven-proof moulds can be used to support the material.

• FIMO should only be washed by hand, not in dishwashers, since dishwashing liquid is too aggressive and can harm the material.

• To ensure that opened FIMO blocks don’t collect dirt or dust, we recommend storing them in aluminium foil or PE bags in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with polystyrene, PVC and styrofoam.

• FIMO that has become too hard can be kneaded until soft again using Mix Quick softener.

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