Extruder Flower Tool

By Poly Clay Play

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You will want all three sizes of this great flower making tool.

Available in three different sizes.

  • Option A - 30mm - Approx. 1.18"
  • Option B - 40mm - Approx. 1.57"
  • Option C - 50mm - Approx. 1.97"

Watch the quick little video to see how to use the tool or follow these instructions.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Roll out a snake of clay or even better, use your extruder.
  2. Insert the spatula in the tool.
  3. Wrap the snake around the posts.
  4. Gently remove your flower by lifting the spatula.
  5. Slightly press the center to join the loops.
  6. Remove your flower from the spatula.
  7. Turn it over and add a center.


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