Deep Cabochon Molds

By Penni Jo's "Best Flexible Molds"

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This extra Deep Cabochon mold is designed to fit Amate® most popular Bezels.

The mold has:

    Three Round Cabs (the largest is 1 inch in diameter)
    Two Square Cabs (the largest is 1 inch across)
    Two Rectangle Cabs
    One Oval Cab

The bottom base of the molded cabochon is 4mm deep with 90° flat sides. The dome of the cabochon rises above the base. This allows the cabochon to ‘dome up’ above the sides of the bezel creating a rich, high ‘stone’ insert. You can make cabochons with bases 4 mm, and 2 mm deep with the included chart and directions.

You can also make a flat back cabochon with no base. This extra Deep Cabochon mold is designed to create cabs in a variety of depths including to fit Amate® Bezels.
Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

Not For Food!
Instructions included with mold to make a molded cabochon for a deep setting.

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